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Mangystau planet
So, what's in store for the new season?

Every year in April we move our transportation and equipment from Almaty to Mangystau, across the Aral Sea. This interesting event has already become a rite of passage for the beginning of the season and our whole team is looking forward to the moment when we load up our two motorhomes and jeeps and set off on a 5-day journey from east to west across Kazakhstan.
For us this journey is like meditation, like attunement with nature and inclusion in the rhythm of real nomads, because we become real nomads for a month and a half. And we can't help but share the same feelings and atmosphere with you, that's why:
for the most avid travelers - there is an opportunity to join, we leave from Almaty and on the way to Mangystau we will pass through the Aral Sea and spend one night at the shores of the dead sea, we will personally see the consequences of one of the most large-scale ecological disasters of our time, we will pass the Kok-Aral dam and make sure that part of the sea still managed to save, as well as see how people live in the sands, where the water has gone. The road Almaty-Aral-Aktau will take us 5 days and it is an unforgettable adventure in itself, because we will go straight where there are no roads and communication, we will sleep in the steppe under thousands of stars, where there will be no soul around us for hundreds of kilometers. There are not many places like this left on our planet, and this is why we appreciate and love our annual east-west transfer.

In May 2024, we plan to conduct several expeditions across Mangystau, but only once to drive from Almaty to Aktau across the Aral Sea.
The plan is as follows:
April 25-29, Almaty-Aral-Aktau run
(5 days)
May 1-8 first Mangystau expedition
(8 days) 1 expedition
May 11-15 Mangystau expedition
(5 days) 2 expedition
May 17-21 Mangystau Expedition
(5 days) 3 expedition
May 23-30 Mangystau Expedition
(8 days) 4 expedition

Do you want us to organize an unforgettable journey where you don't need to plan, organize anything and you will just enjoy the adventure in a great company! Then we have an all-inclusive package for you.

ALL INCLUDED packages:

- Almaty-Aral-Mangystau (14 days)
price 1800$
- Almaty-Aral-Aktau (5 days)
price 450$
- Aktau-Mangystau-Aktau (8 days)
price 1450$
- Aktau-Mangystau-Aktau (5 days)
price 1100$

What's included in the package:
transport - prepared comfortable off-road vehicle where you sit in your own captain's chair by the window or 3 seats accommodation in 4x4 comfortable car
three-meals a day from the chef (including national Kazakh dishes such as: roasted camel meat, shubat, beshbarmak, baursaki and other dishes of Central Asia. there are also meal options for vegetarians.
* lunches - lunchboxes when we are on the route away from the camp.
comfortable accommodation in a tent camp - spacious modern tents, cots, warm sleeping bags, pillows, full-fledged toilet, hot shower, meals in a staff tent, tableware, tables, chairs, electricity 220V
our tested, refined and perfected journey program, where we, guides, will not just conduct a tour for you, but we will travel together with you and experience these moments, take pictures of each other, fly drones, descend into canyons, climb cliffs and explore new places, and in the evenings sit around the campfire under the starry sky and talk about eternal things.

We provide for you only transportation, food, all camp amenities (shower, toilet, 220V), but the tent, sleeping bag, pads, you take your own and set them up and fold them yourself every time when we change the location. Sometimes you'll have to get up a little earlier to put the tent together in the morning before breakfast, and some evenings instead of enjoying a prepared camp, you'll have to find a place and put up the tent. But this way you'll save 10% of the tour cost:

- Aktau-Mangystau-Aktau (8 days)
cost $1300
- Aktau-Mangystau-Aktau (5 days)
cost $990

Let's say you are a "poor student" and live on a scholarship, or you have all the equipment and want to do all the camp life yourself, including cooking, but you want to participate in a real expedition, in a great company with professional guides who will guide you along the route as efficiently and interestingly as possible. This is also possible. We only provide for your transportation, and all the camp life you build yourself. Yes, you live in the our camp; yes, we will give you water; yes, you can use hot showers and toilets; yes, you will go trekking with us; but all the provisions, cooking and living arrangements are yours alone. You'll save another 15%:

- Aktau-Mangystau-Aktau (8 days)
cost $1090
- Aktau-Mangystau-Aktau (5 days)
cost $825

Well, if you don't want to be driven, because you have your own loaded off-road vehicle, but you've never been to Mangystau or Aral sea, and you're very interested in our experience, our tracks, our camping places, communication with us, or maybe you're just a competitive spy and want to see how real adventures in comfort are going, not just run-of-the-mill tours, only this time we'll give you such an opportunity! Gather people in your crew, split the costs and join us. We are willing to take two additional crews with us.

(But only after personally meeting with you and checking your SUV).

Cost per crew (3-4 people):
-Almaty-Aral-Aktau (5 days)
price $335
- Aktau-Mangystau-Aktau (8 days)
price $450
- Aktau-Mangystau-Aktau (5 days)
price $355

*This is the cost of participation in our expedition only. Food, accommodation, water, shower and toilet are not included.

Additionally you can choose meals and accommodation at the camp:
meals: $35 per day per person - 3 meals per day
accommodation: $20 per day per person (tents, cots or karemats, sleeping bags, pillows, all camp infrastructure)
camp infrastructure only: $10 - toilets, showers, base camp tent

Links to explore the tour programs: